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A Moral Dilemma

Two scenarios: do not just look at these logically. Try and picture yourself in them, as the human factor is what's important. If these were to actually happen, what do you honestly think you would do? (Please try and minimize the concept of shock, given the situation. Many people have found themselves capable of amazing reaction times in such situations, anyway.)

Scenario #1
     A car is speeding down the road. You see that it cannot stop in time to avoid hitting a group of five unaware people just up the road. You are unable to make them aware of the situation; they are effectively helpless. However, there is a large man standing beside you. You know that, if you push him in front of the car, it will hit him and skid off of the road, and the five people will live.

Scenario #2
     A train is coming to a Y intersection. On the track it is currently on (Track A), five people are tied to the tracks. On the other track (Track B), one man is tied to the tracks. You are standing beside the track switching lever.

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Scenario #1

I push the man into the path of the car, killing him but saving the five up the road.
I do not act, and the five people up the road die.

Scenario #2

I pull the lever, and the train switches to track B. The single man is killed, but the other five survive.
I do not act, and the train kills the five people on track A.

Please also discuss your answers below.
EDIT: Note the difference if you will pull the lever, but not push the man, or vice-versa.

(This is taken from a study regarding moral decisions discussed here, which is well worth reading. Scenario A was altered in details for clarity, but the essence remains the same.)
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