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So last Thursday I put in a change of address online that's not supposed to go through until mid September when I move. Come this past Monday, my current apartment tag that has my last name says "Vacant" and I've no mail. So I call the 1-800 number for USPS and tell them what's going on and they say they'll put in the issue to my local post office. So Wednesday I'm still not getting any mail, so I go to my post office Thursday and they say they're fixing it Friday (today). So I check and I do have mail, but only two things, and I normally have a lot of mail each day.

The issue is this: I get an email notification from Apple when my bill is being mailed to me. I got that last week, and my bill usually shows up within a day or two of receiving that email. But the bill wasn't in with the mail today.

So where is my mail? Did it get forwarded to my new apartment? The building totally vacant right now since they're still doing some renovations. Should I go by and check the mail? Or did it get sent back? What should I do? I need to pay this bill. I'm also afraid that my insurance bill might've come in the past few days too since it's usually delivered around the same time my Apple bill is.
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