elsiemOnster (elsiemonster) wrote in thequestionclub,

transferring files to my iPod

I think I have a dilemma. I'm new to being an iPod owner and just got the 60Gb video iPod. I've owned other mp3 players that didn't require software to transfer from my laptop to my player. Now I'm learning how to use iTunes.

I have 40Gb of music saved on an external hard drive. I know that my files have to be in my iTunes (iTunes is on my laptop) in order to transfer it to my iPod. I do not have 40Gb of space on my laptop.

I can tranfer chunks of files to laptop, then to iTunes, maybe 8Gb at a time, but is there another way? A better way????

My friend was wondering if I can install iTunes into my external hard drive. But when I transfer it, it will be going from external, through the laptop, to the iPod -- both connected by USB cables. It feels like there's a good risk of transfer error.
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