meyesme (brookin82) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I'm going on this camping trip this weekend with some fellow friends. The place we are going camping is about a 5hour drive. The guy who is organizing it has situated himself in my car with most likely just the two of us. The problem being that he is the worst person in the world to talk to. As in he doesn't talk much and kinda makes it this huge awkward silence. So, i'm dreading a 5hour drive with him. I'm trying to figure out a way to manuever one of the other 3 people into my car. Any tips or ways to go about it other than outright declaring, "hey, you! come in my car too!" I plan to play music loudly for the trip so we can kinda sit in silence in that sense...but I've driven alone in cars with him before and it sucks regarless of music. So how can I get out of it being just me and him?

And anyone have any tips for good camping food? I'm not big into hotdogs or hamburgers and have been trying to think of good alternatives. I'm afraid chicked would take too long to cook. I've been thinking maybe pasta salad? Any other good foods? I will have a cooler.

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