Vee (upandabove) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What would your dream wedding be like? Be as detailed or as general as you like :)

2. Hypothetical situation:

Two people of your preferred gender are desperately in love with you and have both proposed.

One is a famous musician who is incredibly rich and can afford to give you everything you would ever want. However, they are a bitch to live with and you don't really love them. They would also make you sign a pre-nup so you couldn't run off with their cash. If you marry them you will have the ability to not just help yourself, but to help you friends and to buy your family great gifts. You have the opportunity to make people happy.

The other is a fantastic person who you love very much, but is also a drug addict and an ex-convict. They has no possessions of their own and has no job. Your family and friends don't approve of them but you know if you married them you would have a great relationship.

Who would you choose?
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