M (notresponding) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm writing a speech on a classmate. And I have interviewed her, and am trying to decide what to put and where.

I asked my partner, Heather, if there were any major experiances that she feels effect who she is, and she told me a story.
Her brother went to Iraq, and was on a truck with his Sgt. and best friend. A bomb went off on the back of the truck. His best friend died, and her brother lost his leg. This has effected thier family greatly. The whole town (in North Dakota) pretty much stopped living and revolved around it for a time. It's her second oldest brother, and she's very close to him.

My question is this: Is this something I should talk about in my speech, or something that I should leave out? She seemed very comfortable talking about it, so I'm unsure. And I forgot to ask her, and she went home for the weekend.
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