Liv (0livia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey dudes,

So, I've ordered a few shirts from in the past. Both times, I've ordered a size Medium and they fit perfectly.

As you can see by the size chart on this page (, this I assume means my chest is between 33-35 inches and I'm a size 4-8. I don't have a tape measure to check specifically, but it must be close as CG's medium fit snugly.

So I want to order this shirt from

When I click on "American Apparel Size Chart" it brings me here:

Unless I'm reading this wrong, this means that the size Medium on is 33-35 inches, and the size Medium on is 20 inches (and their chart doesn't even go up to the 30s!! It looks like I'd need to order the 3XL!!)

Does's "Chest(inches)" and BT's "Chest Width" mean different things? If not, than's sizes must be freakishly small if their 3XL (28") is smaller than CG's size small (31-33")!!

If anyone can make sense of this, it'd be much appreciated. I have no idea what size to order.


Answered! Thanks sunday_silence!
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