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1. do you ever say "shall" in earnest?

2. is there an equivalent of target in the UK?

3. ok, i put a bunch of books up on half.com the other night. they were sitting on a pile near my window and got slightly rained on (no major damage). so, as luck would have it, before i could amend the listings, someone bought the book. now, i emailed her back as soon as i got notice that she'd bought it, saying i'd take some money off the price, or i could cancel the order if she didn't want it. i'm supposed to send the book out tomorrow, i emailed her 2 nights ago, she hasn't emailed me back. what should i do?

4. for those of you who live in the UK, who's your mobile carrier, do you like it, and (if you don't mind) how much do you pay per month?

5. without checking or thinking too hard, do you know what day of the week it is?

bonus! do you judge people based on their icons? if yes, to what extent?
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