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Follow-up cat question

Well...the trying to give the cat the pills last night didn't go very well.  We tried the syrenge thingy, and of course it didn't work.  Then I tried the finger, and the cat starting thrashing so bad we thought he was going to break something.  (My boyfriend didn't hold him flat down, which I think is why he thrashed all over...obviously....)  We ended up giving up because he was freaking out so much, and I just crushed the pills up and mixed it in with some wet food.  Will they be less effective because of this?  (They were deworming pills...being a new patient at this vet, its just their standard practice.)

Also, a fun cat question....  Has anyone watched their cat dream?  (Like dogs, they get all twitchy...its very cute...)  :)


EDIT:  Thanks for all the future advice.  I have 3 more sets of pills to give him that any really tiny, so I might use some of the below suggestions....  

No one else sees their cat dreaming???  :)

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