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(Mainly for USA-ians but feel free to join in anyway).

What is on your free to air stations, & how many of them are there?

We have three main comercial channels which screen popular tv & movies (predominantly USA stuff) & reality TV. These get the highest ratings.

One government suppported channel (ABC) which is currently comercial free and shows many documentries, foreign films, art house films and a very good music show as well as stuff like government questiion time (I think similar to PBS?). One of the least cappitalist-biased channels (which is amusiing because its government suppported, but as such they have a lot of regulations) , if you want more facts than hype you turn here or SBS.

SBS: has commercials but is similar to ABC in content. Not government supported.

OH! & we now have TVS... yeah... kinda community funded things... not quite quality programming...
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