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I'm losing weight (woohoo!) and my question for you lovely people is.....

Is it time to buy a smaller sized pair of jeans when the pair you currently wear are so loose that you don't need to unbutton/unzip them to take them off? This is what is happening with my current jeans. I am planning on going into a few shops and trying on a smaller size but I'm impatient and want to see what you guys think first. What do you reckon my chances are of fitting into one size smaller?

And secondly...Say you have something on your mind. Something/somone. You don't work or anything and so, with all the spare time, this thing is ALL you ever think about. What can you do to stop yourself from thinking about it? (Aside from looking for a job, I'm doing that already) I need something/anything to stop me thinking of this thing so much!!!

Thank you all you wonderful people *big grin*
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