BlackDoll (black_doll) wrote in thequestionclub,

Eyeliner help

I love the smokey eye look. But I can't get it right.

I have two problems:

1. I can't keep the eyeliner to STAY when it's on the "rim" of my lower lid, the part "above" the lower lashes. It's like the skin is too close to my eyeball and is...moist or something. I've tried liquid liner and pencil and cream liner, none stay put. Like, it'll come off within a matter of minutes.

This is the area I am talking about:


Ok so here you can see remnants of liner on my rim. I did not apply a lot on the lower lid but damn it's already all gone and I had put it on less than an hour before. GAH!

(and damn. need to get something for those bags...eeks)

I also feel like that rim on me is really BIG. And if I don't line it with eyeliner and I have eyeliner below my lower lashes, I look like a dweeb. Like there is this think strip of skin that didn't get eyeliner on it.

So how can I keep the liner to stay there?

2. Liner on my lower lash area runs or smudges. After a few hours it looks really bad and I have dark circles under my eyes. Advice?

I really want this look:

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(or like Louise Brooks in my icon)

JUST UPDATED with a picture of my OWN eye and the problem spot!!!
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