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where to move to? job possibilities?

hi, everyone. this is my first post here. i'm hoping you can offer me good advice!

i'm originally from buffalo, ny, have lived here for most of my life (except for studying abroad twice in spain). life here is currently stale, job opportunities/economic possibilities bleak, and i think i really need a change of scenery. i'm very scared about moving, but i think this may be what will help me turn things around in 2004.

here is what i do: i'm bilingual, spanish-english. i've taught @ the university since 2001, mostly lower-level courses, i'm pursuing my M.A. in Spanish now, but i don't know if teaching is my ultimate calling. i am, however, pretty good @ it, so i wouldn't rule it out. in the past, i've been a research assistant, did office stuff, etc. i'm 24 and single and see right now as a good time to find a new place to call home.

my new city would be like this: a great subway system, no need for a car. BUT i'm not into giant tall buildings everywhere blocking my precious sun. i like grass, i like snow, i like partly sunny/partly cloudy days, i like it warm but am not into humidity (buffalo is notorious for that). my city would be a thriving, progressive, queer-positive area, full of life. not too expensive, and good job opportunities.

can you guys think of anywhere like this? and can you think of possible job opportunities out of teaching based on my background? thanks!!

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