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if I had t-mobile I'd just get a sidekick 3

1. It's time for one of those questions: WHAT PHONE SHOULD I GET. I've researched online and whatnot, but I need more outside opinions because I can't make things up on my own. The provider is Cingular. So far, for three (I think) years, I've been using the Nokia 3200 and it's been fairly awesome. I keep seeing these RAZRs and SLVRs around. I want another phone to last me three years and still be awesome. Will a RAZR or SLVR stand a chance? Or should I look at something else? Should I just get another 3200, even though it's OLD and probably discontinued?

2. Anyone seen that Coke commercial that's like GTA, but NOT? When I first saw it, I was like "Oh ho ho ho. I see what you did there." I found it on the internet and for some reason I watch it a lot. Probably because I'm a fan of "Haha, it's like this thing, but it's AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE." type of things.
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