Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequestionclub,

Question for those who've sprained their wrist...

Has anyone here ever sprained their wrist?

How did it happen and what did your wrist feel like afterwards? Also what sort of treatment was taken?

I think I sprained my wrist yesterday, it hurts like hell when I move it/rotate it past a certain point, but it's not so bad that I think it's broken. I mean I still feel pain so something is attached and it did lessen a bit when I had ice on it.

Any ideas for other home treatments I could do to take care of my wrist since at the moment I don't have insurance and I'm needing to be home all day to clean out my apartment so some new roommates can move in with time to make Sept rent. Thanks in advance and I think this is all the typing I should try for awhile.
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