Pauciloquent (pathopoeia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Car Shipping... by Train?

Hello. I am planning on buying a car located across the country. I psyched myself up to do an expensive road-trip, since shipping by truck is soo much more expensive.

And a friend of mine said: Hey, why not ship by Train? Apparently they hear that's pretty cheap - I'm skeptical. But I haven't been able to find ANYTHING about shipping vehicles via train online! Not a single web page! Maybe I'm searching for the wrong keywords or something.

My questions are: (1) Do you know of one or more websites which will help me determine how much it would cost to ship my car across the country via train? (in USA)

(2) Have you or do you know someone who has done this?

(3) Any other vaguely cheap ways to ship? I am all ready to go on that road-trip, but if I can save some money by doing something else, I'm all for it!
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