Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Dating Hypothetical

Sorry for my second hypo post in one day

Let's say you're dating someone. You like them a lot and the relationship just went past the 3 month marker. He/she's never brought up their romantic past and doesn't like talking about it, and you've respected that. All you know is that before you, he/she dated someone for 2 years.

The romance is whirlwind-like. Passionate, each date memorable, the sex is great (if you're having sex), and you think he/she might be the one. You're smitten.

One day you're at their place. He/she's in the shower and you're looking for something and come across some old photos stuffed in an envelope. It's of your lover's ex. Their ex looks a lot like you. Similar body shape, same hair style, similar facial features.

You confront your lover with these pictures, and he/she says that, yeah, they loved their ex a lot and was heartbroken when they were dumped, and that they started dating you because of the fact you looked like them. He/she likes you now, but admits that maybe they aren't completely over their ex.

Considering how good the relationship is, what do you do now? Do you break up, or take this new information in stride and accept it just to keep dating them?

What would you do?
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