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Hair Hair everywhere

I need to get my hair trimmed/cut/shaved/etc. Seriously. It's been many, many months. I've been considering getting bangs/fringe. I haven't had bangs since high school. Think... 1995 or so.

What do you think about bangs/fringe? Honestly.

More recent, shows the shape of my head:
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Think they'd work on me?

I hate asking the hair people because they always agree with you, 100%, even if what you're saying makes you look like a dumbass. I could go in there, tell them I want to shave my head or dye my hair neon blue and they'd be like "Oh, that would look SO great!"

Oh and PS... how do you say the name "Roisin"? (As in the artist I'm listening to.) Always wondered about that.
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