duckgirlie (duckgirlie) wrote in thequestionclub,

My brother and I work the same job. We're both in school/college, so we only work holidays. However, for the last year or so, it's been exclusively me. I had to drop some shifts a while ago, and my brother picked them up. Then last week the manager was on holiday, so we both worked everyday. This week, I've worked everyday, because my brother was away. He was supposed to work today, but I covered for him. I'm working a double tomorrow, and he wants me to give him one of them. I said no, because I need the money. He thinks I have enough money.

I tried to explain that I live away from home, and have to pay my own way, wheras he lives at home and mom pays for his food and everything (she covers my basic living, but that's it). She even pays for his clothes (up to €600 a year, which he claims isn't enough because the labels he likes all the jeans are like €100). She also gives him random spending money.

He's had the chance to work, a couple of times the manager has called for cover and I usually give him the first shot, but most of the time I end up doing it.

I think he's just lazy, want's to work now because he realised he's broke, but as soon as he has cash he'll drop more shifts on me to cover. I've been working there pretty much full-time for the last month, and I think frankly that I've put in the time, shown that I work hard, and I deserve the shifts. I was asked, but it'd probably be okay with the manager if I gave him a shift (though he can't make coffee or work the till.)

I think I'm justifed in telling him to fuck off, but we haven't got the best relationship, and it's possible my thinking he's a wanker might be clouding my judgement.

Any thoughts? Do you think I should let it go and give him the shift?
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