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"Coffee NOW!" - PCU

I need a recommendation on a solid coffee brewer type thingy. It must fulfil l the following as best it can:

1. Cheap (no more than $20, unless it's extra special.)
2. Makes tasty coffee. Doesn't burn the beans.
3. Not gigantic. (apartment kitchen friendly)
4. Doesn't need to have fancy bells n'whistles - just looking for drip in the morning, as a grab n' go sorta deal. I know how to work an espresso machine but that's not really what I'm looking for.
5. Quick.

In the same vein:

What's your favorite flavor, purchasable at a grocery/dunkin' donuts/starbucks/similar coffee vendor? Anything regional to Albany NY would be supercool. [Daily Grind, Professor whatever's Coffee, Uncommon Grounds..]
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