Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass. (dazeydevyne) wrote in thequestionclub,
Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

I need money!!

OK, this needs a little bit of background, but I'll try to keep it short:

I have been a receptionist basically my whole career (10 years or so), but after I got laid off from my last job in January, I decided I needed a change.  I looked into trades, and in doing do, found an ad for a grower's assistant at a tree nursery.  My Mom has been in the horticultural industry for almost 20 years, and the ad said that experience wan't necessary, so I applied.  And got the job, at the end of June.  

At my interview, my (now) boss asked me how much I would like to be making after 6 weeks (there was a 6 week probationary period, for both the company & I to test each other out).  I told him that I couldn't survive on less than $12 an hour.  This is entirely true - I'm a single mom, and life ain't cheap.  I figured that if I was asking too much, I wouldn't get the job, simple enough.

But I DID get it.  When I started, I was told I'd be getting $10 an hour for the probationary period.  There was no mention of afterwards, but I was led to believe that I would be getting the $12 I asked for after that time.  I DO  know that he was planning on raising my wage - I'm on a government subsidy program, and he asked the case worker if the subsidized amount would change if my pay was increased.  So I know that he did intend on increasing my wage after the 6 weeks.

So, here's the trouble:  The 6 weeks ended earlier this month, and today I got my first paycheque since I got off probation.  It's still @ $10/hour! I haven't been given any progress report, nor has anyone commented or criticized the effort I've put out.  I've done everything I have been asked to do, and am always on time (usually the first one there, actually).  

The question is this:  obviously, I have to ask him about it.  I really can't survive on the wage I'm making now - even with almost no extra expenses, I'm spending more than I'm making.   But at the same time, I'm afraid that if I bring it up, I might not get answers that i want to hear, and I tend to get... emotional sometimes.    Should I e-mail him tonight? Or should I just talk to him in the morning?  Should I bring it up like he might have forgotten, or should I go into it expecting that he's trying to screw me over?

K, that ended up longer than I expected.... thanks for any advice you can offer! (And, not to offend anyone, but this is really the only thing I want advice on - how to bring it up and discuss it.  Not how to find a new job, not how to save on expenses, just whether e-mail or in person would be more effective.  I've seen many people ask questions, and some of the answers go off on a tangent... but I like my job, I don't want to go, and I'm living fairly cheaply right now - what I need is to get the raise that was promised to me, without offending anyone or burning any bridges. Thank you for understanding.)
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