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i hate my summer job. i work in data entry at a seasonal store, so now that summer is mor eor less over, there is no work for me to do. my supervisors expect me to pass my reamaining week-and-change by doing menial tasks that dont take very long. i've been slowing down as much as humanly possible and that helps, but i'm running out of work fast.

so i have two questions for you...

1)what are some non=work things i can do to pass the time. i work in a corner where i'm relatively not bothered by others, but i cannot access the internet, (im writing this from home, on lunch break) and im not allowed to listen to music. i have very little materials to work with at my desk - some paper and pen. so far, i've killed a little time by making to-do lists. other than that, i['m stuck for ideas. thoughts??

2)i'm aiming to get a day off next week, since it's become blatantly obvious there isnt much work to do and there are a lot of things id like to take care of before i go back to school. these things can of course be done on saturday or sunday but i just dont have a lot of time on the weekends. and asking for this day off is sorta short notice - so how should i approach my boss about asking for this day?

thanks so much. im off, though, to go suffer three more hours of nothingness and torture.

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