BlackDoll (black_doll) wrote in thequestionclub,

Update to "Lying Furniture Salesman"

Original quandry here.

Ok sooo went to talk to one of the managers yesterday. He was very very nice and never once questioned me or acted like I was in the wrong. The salesman was not there that day and so didn't hear his side, but the manager did say that he apologized for the salesman telling me there would be no payments and that he was one of their best guys and been with the company for many years. And that he would talk with him today I guess when the salesman was back.

That being said, this was what happened. The store offers 2 finance plans. Plan A is for (I think) a minimum of $2000 and it's No Interest, NO monthly payments for 12 months BUT you have to put %20 down. Plan b was for a minimum of $3500 and this was the plan I took which I was told was no monthly payments, No down payment and no interest for 30 months. Great, but there are indeed monthly payments and anyway, I was told otherwise.

So what they offered me was Plan A - and they would waive the down payment. So. I can get the no monthly payments on this thing but I'd have to pay it off within a I was thinking of doing that, since after the first of the year I should have a good chunk of change to put into it (was planning on that anyway - not making any payments till then). Then towards the end of the year, I could look into transferring the remaining balance over to a no interest, no fee, etc. credit card (I do have good enough credit to do this). That would give me another 12 months to pay it off w/out any charges...

Though I am a bit uncomfortable transferring the balance but I looked it up and as long as you get a 0% apr, transfer rate, all that AND you pay it off, you are fine.

I haven't told them what I want to do yet but I think I'll take their Plan A without the down payment (I'll make sure again and when I sign that that is truly the reality). I am pretty satisfied with how they handled it, also that they will waive the down payment for Plan A.

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