pixieredux (disastrophobe) wrote in thequestionclub,

Some hypothetical and some not

1. Let's say you took a cab home from the grocery store three days ago. After the ride was over, the driver didn't have any money so she asked if it was ok if she came back in a few hours so you could pay her and you say yes. But she never shows up later that day. You go out in the evening and even leave a note for her on the front door with your cell-phone number so she can get a hold of you while you're away from home. And then today she shows up at your house and asks if you have the money from the other day. She's standing at your doorway. So what would you do? Would you pay her?

2. How often do you take cabs?

3. Do you always know who/what you're voting for when you walk into the ballot booth?

1. Seriously, I don't know. I think it's a little weird. I didn't have any cash on me so I asked if she could come back in a few hours so my boyfriend could bring me some. I ended up spending the twenty I had gotten out for the ride on booze last night.

2. Whenever I buy a lot of stuff at the store and whenever I get stranded somewhere. I'd say probably about 6 or 7 a month.

3. I try to research and everything but it seems like every time I walk in there's something on the ballot that I wasn't expecting and I'm caught a little off guard.

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