She simply will not die. (tinycreepshow) wrote in thequestionclub,
She simply will not die.

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It probably won't happen, but I have my heart set on going to Simmons  For my BA in Gender/Cultural Studies. [And then my MA In Library Science and possibly another in Cultural Studies, but that's beside the point.]   I dropped out of highschool, so I'll need 2 years of community college to polish my record before they'll even look at me, basically. Herein lies the issue: I'm pretty much positive I won't find a community college in the Boston area with a program in Gender/Cultural studies. Therefore, I kind of have to guess at what courses might transfer, and take them.  What would you suggest? I thought about getting my core classes out of the way, but I'm not sure it would bode well. I know I can go to an advisor, but I'd like to get an idea beforehand,if anyone can help. Thanks, dudes.
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