Faky (fakymcfakerson) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I get this magazine, Real Simple, that has tons of useful info in it about depressing grown-up stuff like money, laundry, cleaning, product comparisons, food, and clothing. I love it to death, because it helps me give people the impression that I'm a fully functioning adult. It does have a fair amount of stuff in there that I don't use- fashion tips, beauty tips, makeup comparisons, and the occasional child-rearing tip (although those are few and far between). In short, it is marketed to moderately girly women, and written by women. I don't have a problem with that, really, since I myself am a woman (one of my weaker points, I'll admit).

Now, as I mentioned, I do love the thin veneer of adulthood stuff, and I recently had a couple of very good male friends move away whom I suspect could use some of that veneer- the useful stuff, like how to repair holes in leather, use a colander to keep bees off food, get stains out, set up a 401k or 403b, negotiate a raise, fab stuff like that. They are manly men, and would dismiss a magazine such as Real Simple for its pretty pretty flowers and happy makeup tips, for which I cannot blame them, especially in the months where the fluff runs thick. I wonder, then, if there is a magazine for their type out there- something that would have the handy hints for living an un-nasty life, without the tips on flower arrangement. I'm thinking something not so dry or topic-specific as Money or Consumer Reports, as much as I love them. And to be honest, if there is such a thing as Real Simple without the frippery, I think I'd jump ship and subscribe myself, as well as inflicting it on my unsuspecting male friends.

Any leads on magazines which fulfill this rather odd description?
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