Joe (spicymachaggis) wrote in thequestionclub,

Questions may cause problems.

Cut for possible sensitivity.
These are all serious questions I have and I am not looking for philosophical debate.

If you believe in the "You must accept Jesus into your heart to go to Heaven" ideology, what does that mean for all of the great people in the world who were never exposed to his philosophy and teachings? Do they go to Hell/eternal Purgatory/wherever else by default by no fault of their own?
What if somoene lives their life by the ideals Jesus preached, but refused to "accept" him? or just never had the opportunity to?
What about the billions of people that were alive before Jesus was born? Surely there were some heavenworthy people there.

And again this is my disclaimer. I am not looking for an argument these are serious questions I have been wondering, and lately there have been a number of posts that have used the term "accept Jesus into their hearts" or something to that nature.

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