Beatface. (mindlessdork) wrote in thequestionclub,

Reocurring bruise?

I've been meaning to ask this for a while...

So I have this bruise, or rather - these bruises - on my thigh. I got them in, like...mmm...May? So yeah, it started out as like four bruises in a row (?) and then two bruises on top of that. Sweet. So then the set of bruises went away. And then it came back. THE EXACT SET OF BRUISES. EXACT. And it's been doing that over the whole summer. And right now it's fading again... But it might come back. And while it's probably entirely possible that I just keep banging into the same thing in the same exact spot because that's the kind of person I am (Over-estimating my size and walking into door frames, counters, letting my body scrape the wall as I walk. I was the kid who came home with scabs, cuts, and bruises and no idea how she got them. Because I'm TUFF. T-U-F-F. And because I beat boys up. Past tense. Kinda.), I'm still concerned.

So, why are these bruises doing this disappearing reappearing act?

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