Everyone knew her as Nancy (2nd_date) wrote in thequestionclub,
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CyberPixels web hosting and other stuff

I really want to cancel my CyberPixels hosting plan because they suck and charge too much, but I cannot get in touch with them! They've been updating their phone service for about three weeks now and no one is responding to my emails. I happened to see this thing under Emergency support that takes me to a login site for something called Modernbill. I don't have any login information for this, so how am I supposed to use it? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Also, my plan is set to automatically renew September 14, but the credit card I was using when I signed up with them 2 years ago has expired. What will happen if I can't get in touch with them before September 14 and they try to automatically bill me? Could that potentially hurt my credit somehow?

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