GENENINAH - because becky can't spell (mrshannibal) wrote in thequestionclub,
GENENINAH - because becky can't spell

when i was in high school (about 16 yrs. old and all worldly about sex), and my brother was in junior college (about 20 yrs. old about as worldly as he was gonna get)...we were both at home and in the kitchen and i was doing dishes and he eating cereal, and he goes
"mom talk to you yet?"
and i said "about what?"
and he continues "you know"
and i said "no, i don't"
and he goes "you KNOW"
and i said, again, "about what?"
and he grimaces "about dating, and guys and shit"
(i looked down in the water cuz at this point i want to burst into laughter, but i do not -
he is trying his best to do the big brother thing)
so i say "no...we haven't talked"
he goes " like guys, right?"
i giggle and go "yeah, sure"
and he frowns "don't laugh - i'm serious about this shit"
so i attempt to refrain "ok, go ahead"
he squirms in his chair "ok, see there are guys in the marching band...and i used to be in the marching band and i know what guys like and what they do"
(he knows i'm in marching band - i play cymbals)
i say nothing
almost falling over from holding back the laugher...
he continues
"and yeah - so don't date guys"

so my question to you is:
who told you about sex?
and did you already know something?
how old were you?
how old was the person that told you?

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