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Lying furniture salesman

So I guess I'm screwed?

Went furniture shopping 3 weeks ago. Found a set in the first store that we really really liked. But it was pretty expensive, $3500. They had a great payment plan. if you spent $2000 or less, it was no payments/no interest for I think 12 months but you had to put a down payment on it. Then if you spent more than $3500, it was no payments, no interest, and no down payment till 2009....a great deal but since it was the first store we went to about 6 others looking around. No one had anything as nice nor did anyone offer such a great payment plan. Either you had to put 10% down or you had to make a minimum payment.

Anyway so we go back to the first store and get the $3500 set. I specifically asked the guy several times if there would be any monthly payment and he said No - nothing till 2009. I was very clear about this since the beginning of the year I bought my camera on a payment plan and didn't realize that there was a $10 min. payment due each month (no big deal, but I didn't think there was - also with the camera, I never specifically asked). So anyway THIS TIME, I was sure to make sure NO payments - NO interest - NO Down payment till 2009.

So you can guess what came in the mail. A bill for $117, my minimum amount due monthly. WTF. I called the billing company, they said there was no finance offer that was so long that was no min. due, unless it was the $2000 or under/12 months one (which was also a down payment). I told them I was told there wasn't so they are going to put in some sort of question query thing into the store that will take 10-15 days to process. Ok. But of course I was told to still pay the bill in the meantime. Then I call the store and they tell me the same thing. The 2009 plan does have a minimum payment. The salesguy isn't there till tomorrow so I can't talk to him. But I'm sure he'll just say I misunderstood. BUT I DIDN'T. I know what he said.

DAMMIT. Anyway so I guess I am screwed? They had a 7 day no-questions asked return policy but that has expired so I doubt I can ever return the furniture (which of course would suck).

This is ridiculous. I guess it happens a lot? Is there ANY chance they will honor what he told me??

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