Charlie (asthesunrise) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hmm, this was longer than expected.

So I recently discovered that I could play me PS1 games on my computer through the ePSxe emulator. I mean I know that I could paly the games that I downloaded but I never knew that it could play the real games I have on disk as well.
Question 1: Does the same apply to PS2 emulators as well? If so, do you have a good recommendation for a Ps2 emulator?

Question 2: Is there some way I would beable to use a PS2 controller of some kind with my computer? How much do they cost?

Question 3: How do you eat your waffle/pancake/french toast?
I like mine with maple syrup and smooth peanut butter.

Question 4: Would you ever do a private, professional nude photo shoot of yourself that only the photographer and you will see?
You know, so when you're older you can look back and remember your youth. This is something I've considered as a to-do for my twenties.

Question 5: How many of you have OCD? Mild or severe. Has this ever gotten in the way of your romantic relationships?
I am compulsive when it comes to symmetry and numbers grouping. Everything has to be organized and balanced in my environment. Whether it's content, quantity or whatever. I can't stop thinking about it until it's all symmertrical. And when it comes to number I have a strict preference to anything X0 or X5. For instance, the TV volume has to be at 10 or 15 or at a big full bar [my TV has 3 small bars between ever 1 big bar].

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