goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

Washington Mututal

Does anybody use Washington Mutual who might be able to answer my question?

I e-mailed Washington Mutual via their "I am not a member" link, which is restricted to "general questions" without an account number, to ask if a WaMu customer can send a transfer to the account of a Wells Fargo customer and how he might be able to do so... which seemed like a pretty general question to me. But they said they can not provide that information to non-members.

The WaMu customer in question said he was going to find out a week ago but clearly I have to do everything myself.

I'd prefer not to open a WaMu account, if I can help it, just to have a basic question answered.

SO does any WaMu customer know if you can send transfers to non-WaMu customers, even if it has to be done directly at the bank location? Thanks.
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