sound of white (sound_of_white) wrote in thequestionclub,
sound of white

1. Best "Freebies" site you've had luck with?
2. Don't you hate it when you poke the oh-so-sensitive fleshy bit right underneath your fingernail with needles/pins/etc.? I do.
3. Have you ever worked at a Safeway (grocery) store before? Did you like it? Any horror stories?
4. Ever used the over-the-counter (Primatine Mist, Equate Asthma Mist) asmtha inhalers before? Think they work?
5. Best haircut style for a heart-shaped face?
6. Have you ever made (and worn in public) any clothes you created? If so, got any pics of it?
7. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most idiotic) how would you grade a former boss who hasn't given out a paycheck to his employee (that's a week late) because he "forgot" to bring his former employee's address with him when he came into town? Even when he called the employee's house and was given the physical address... and he was still in town?
8. Best item you've ever thrifted/found/found at a yard or garage sale? Pics would be a bonus.
9. Why don't you have anything better to do than answer random questions from complete strangers?
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