christine (cme2694) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Has/Does anyone work at Joann Fabrics? Do/Did you like it? What's the starting pay and the employee discount?

2. My cat does this really wierd thing: when she's playing with her toy or even my hand, she'll grab it with her front claws to hold it close, but kick at it as if to push it away with her back paws. Do other cats do this? Why?

3. Getting red dots of enchilada sauce out of a white shirt - how can it be done? As soon as I noticed, which was after the sauce dried unfortunately, I filled the sink with water/laundry detergent and let the shirt soak. The dots are still there, but lighter. Any ideas?

4. The post office sucks. I ordered a package from Amazon to be delivered to my husband at work (we do it all the time, since nobody is at home to get them). This time, Amazon's tracking says that it could not be delivered because nobody was at home (yeah, ok!). The post office has no idea where the package is and is investigating it. But I'm still without the money and without the package! Do I contact Amazon and will they send another or refund my money? Called Amazon and they are resending it!
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