miserable, arrogant old bat (cottonmanifesto) wrote in thequestionclub,
miserable, arrogant old bat


1. There was a report on the news about a local mosquito testing positive for EEE. The next day, there was a flyer on our door from the town about it and it said that the mosquito trap where the mosquito was found was literally right across the street from our house. I mentioned this to a co-worker and she asked if I was wearing DEET every day and .... uhhh ... I hadn't even thought of doing that. Is this something that would worry you? Would you wear DEET when you went outside?

2. I brought in photographs to hang in the restroom at work. My co-worker thought this was gross. Turns out, she doesn't keep any reading material or any decorations in her bathroom at home. How 'bout you? Do you think it's gross? Do you read in the bathroom?

3. Sometimes it happens that there's crud in the toilet that won't come off (even with a scrub brush) and I have to stick my hand (holding a sponge) in there to get it off. The same co-worker was appalled to find this out. Is this totally disgusting? Would you stick your hand in the toilet to get it totally clean?

4. Anti-bacterial soaps - yea or nay?

5. Did you know that shiggity broke her ankle and had to get surgery?
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