Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

guitar hero! and randomness.

1. last night someone posted a link to the john butler trio playing a song called "ocean". (here.) basically, i'm in love with it. what are some songs that are jammy guitar things like this one?
2. you are ordering a submarine sandwich. what do you put on it?
3. what is the moral of the story? (what story, you say?! i don't care, pick one!)
4. what is better: robots with lasers, or swarms of angry bees doused in hotsauce?
5. have you ever made a pact with someone? what was it?
6. how many uhaul trucks do you think it would take to move everything you own?
6a. how much of that junk is worth caring about?
7.if you could fuck a celebrity, what would you fuck them with?
8.if you could be president, what country would you be president of and what absurd law would you make first?
9. if you had to get a word tattooed to your forehead in large letters, what word would it be, and what font would you use?
10. if you could stop time what would you do while it was paused?
11. what colour are your eyes?

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