Judy (judes) wrote in thequestionclub,

regarding etiquette

I'm not from Canada, and even though I've lived here for over ten years there are still "mannerly" actions that confuse me, so if you guys could clear them up for me that would be great.

1) When introduced to someone, is it appropriate to offer your hand to shake if you can tell that the other person has no intention of offering their hand for you to shake?
a) when the person is older than you?
b) younger?
c) of the same age?
d) of a different gender?

2) How do I make a polite introduction of someone I am close to with someone that I am not very close to? (for example: my boyfriend to a friend of my parents)
a) Do I introduce the older person (friend of my parents) first? Or do I introduce my boyfriend to them first?
b) And is it rude if I make the introduction of my boyfriend to them in Chinese, and then introduce them to my boyfriend in English if my boyfriend does not speak Chinese?

3) Do you find it rude when people start talking in front of you in a foreign language when you are sitting in a group with them? I personally don't have a problem with this and I try to stop myself from doing it, but it's hard to break the habit, and I can see how someone can be offended.

4) When someone offers to buy a person a drink at the bar, is it appropriate for the person to take the drink and just leave after a "thanks" if he/she is not interested in pursuing conversation? Does buying a drink entitle that someone to at least a few minutes of the person's time?

5) Is it rude for a woman going on a date earlier on in a relationship to insist on paying her half of the bill? I always insisted in the beginning until we came up with another system later on, because I don't like the idea of owing a man for anything, and someone told me this was extremely rude and I should let the guy pay because guys like to "take care of the woman".

6) What are topics completely inappropriate to talk about when you first meet a person? Of course nothing ridiculous like sex or telling them their shirt is ugly or something like that, but I heard it was inappropriate to talk about money, about their past/current relationships unless they bring it up, or about politics/religion. What do you think?
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