It's a teeth optional situation (wookiewife) wrote in thequestionclub,
It's a teeth optional situation

Snakes! Zombies! Yellow Crayons!

So on the radio show this morning, they had Johnny Mosley (Olympic skiier dude) sitting in for one of the DJs and a snake wrangler/expert fellow came in (you know, a part of the whole "Snakes on a Plane" thing). Turns out, the only fear Johnny has is snakes. The wrangler guy was talking about how he's helped people get over their fear of snakes (with a psychiatrist, of course).

Then it was mentioned that the only natural fear that we are born with is the fear of heights. Every other fear is a learned fear.*

I sat there in the car thinking about it and I can find the root of my two fears - zombies and getting crushed to death under an overpass.

Do you know the root of your fears? What are they - the fear/s and the root/s?

*ETA: I should mention that I have no idea if this is true or not. Morning radio DJs are not psych majors, and neither am I. It was just an odd 'factoid' put out there that made me go hmmmm...
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