Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have this thingy. in my totally non-expert non-experienced guessing, I'd say it is or is related to a hemmorhoid. Except, I've had it- just *smaller*- for years, probably 6ish years already. now It's just gotten larger, and feels lumpier(veinier?), and generally is being quite the literal pain in my ass, because now it's getting chafed and such.

So... how do I go about making it go away? leave it alone, wash it very carefully constantly, with soap, with water, with lotion, eat more fiber, eat less fiber, drink more water, get more active, get less active, don't stare directly at the sun, don't think about religion on tuesdays...

give me answers, oh wonderful tqc.

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