JiananTonic (jianantonic) wrote in thequestionclub,

I don't know why I never thought to post this question here. This has been literally bugging me for years - seven, to be exact - and Google has been no help, so I know it's a long shot, but...

Anyway, when I was driving to school one morning, I heard this song on the radio, and the only lyric I remember exactly was "Thank you kindly but I do not need a bag." It's kind of an upbeat little ditty, I'm pretty sure just an acoustic guitar and a male singer, and it's all about how he goes to the grocery store but he takes his own bag to save the environment and all that. I remember at the time LOVING the song and thinking it was the cutest thing I'd ever heard, and I told all my future-hippie friends about it, and they all thought it was cute but they hadn't heard it, and I haven't heard it since. It was a longish song, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a commercial or anything, and I didn't think at the time to call the radio station and ask them who it was...but does this ring a bell to anyone? If so, thanks:) If not, oh well, I tried...it can bug me for another 7 years.

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