spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin' (mbmargarita) wrote in thequestionclub,
spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin'

I leave for my semester in Spain in less than a week... I'll be staying with a host mom (40 years old) and her son (7 years old) and I need an idea for what to bring them as gifts. For the boy I'm thinking a variety of American candy bars and maybe a baseball cap-- NY Yankees? -- but I think they're more into basketball in Spain than baseball, so far as American sports go, so I wonder if I should do something basketball related...?

The mom is the trickier part... what's something distinctively American and/or something she can't get in Spain that would be a classy but not too expensive little gift I can buy someone I know nothing about? I'm from South Carolina, so something specifically Southern might be a nice touch too.

OK, so to recap, I need ideas for gifts to bring my Spanish host family, any thoughts? Thanks
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