Kate (low_billions) wrote in thequestionclub,

Windows XP question

Background: I need help from all you tech-savvy people out there. I have a HP computer with Windows XP installed on it, and yesterday I got this pop-up that said something "You have one day to register your windows XP" so I waited until today so I could call the company and ask about it. Apparently, the XP software has already been registered. When I get to the main screen with the four profiles, and I click on one, it says I have to register the software and it won't let me on XP, so the function of my desktop is "turn the computer on" and "turn off". That's all.

Long story short: so I want to get rid of XP so I can put on windows millennium (which I have new in the package). How can I get rid of XP without actually getting into windows? Do I have to wipe clean the whole hard drive? How do I even do that? I just want my uber-expensive computer (well, for a college student) working again, and I don't have $200 to obtain an additional license to operate the computer.
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