Theresa Campagna (__ardor) wrote in thequestionclub,
Theresa Campagna

last night when i was drunk i changed my admin password. dumb. this is the only login to my computer. and i remember typing it in a few times. more than a few times since my screensaver pops up after 1 minute of being idle. today i type in that same password and windows says it's not the right one. any suggestions? i think i might try this. i think i need a bootup disk though in order to do it. cos i don't know how else to get into dos. i don't even know how to get into the windows directory from dos. any help is appreciated:

If you are an Administrator user, and are logged into Windows right now because your PC is setup to log you in automatically, but have forgotten your password in fact, and would now like to change it — well, Windows requires you to know the old one. However, there is a brute force way to change your Administrator password. Open a Command prompt (START —> RUN —> then type “cmd” without the double quotes) and then type the following command:
net user username newpassword

Remember, if the username has spaces in it, then enclose it in double quotes, e.g.,
net user “Samuel Jackson” pulpypass

from here:
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