Lemone (lemone) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. So, I plan to be studying abroad in Japan this coming semester. I want to bring my PS2 with me, to watch DVDs and play games with on rainy days and such. Thing is, it's kinda getting on in years. Still plays games fine, but sometimes wants to screw up on DVDs. I could buy a new slim one for $125 and sell my old one easily for about $50. The new slim one would take less space in my luggage, work better, and cost me at the end up costing me $75 bucks. However, that's 75 bucks I could spend there. Should I or shouldn't I?

2. Are there any tricks to getting a cheaper plane ticket online? Like when I buy it, where, or what day of the week I go? Classes start October 1st, but I need to get there before then (I sent an email to the International Programs Center asking what was the best day, but they haven
t answered.) Am I better off buying one round trip ticket now, or buying the return ticket closer to when I leave for home, in case I want to travel a bit after the semester ends?

3. It's going to be one long-ass flight. What should I do to pass the time? I know you can't have cell phones on planes, but would my DS or laptop be okay? I've never flown before my entire life, and I would look it up at the airline's website if I could but I can't because I don't know what airline I'm using. I'd just not go to sleep the night before and sleep the majority of the time, but I might be too terrified the thing'll fall out of the sky to do that. Or there might be a screamy-ass baby and a parent too lazy to quiet it, or whatever.
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