Andrea (_such_a_girl) wrote in thequestionclub,

i had a meeting at work today at 11:45. i didn't learn of the meeting until yesterday after i had already left for the day, my manager had to call me on my cell. she told me it shouldn't be long .. yada yada yada. so i go to the meeting today, and at 1:30pm. it's still going on, (i had to be somewhere at 2:00pm.) so during a break i got up and asked my boss if there was anyway i could leave, that i had to be somewhere by 2pm. he said that was fine, i told him i was sorry, and left. if i would have known it was going to run that long, i would have said something beforehand. i feel really bad about leaving early now, what should i say tomorrow? i'd like to appologize.

note: im only part-time too .. i usually get off at 1pm.
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