Denis Baldwin (denisbaldwin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Denis Baldwin

I'm new here, but I have some doozies for you that I can't quite figure out.

- I want to build small things out of metal. I live in an apartment, so I don't have access to or space for a welder.. and I don't think soldering will work when connecting 1/8" thick pieces of sheet metal and angle iron together. Can someone else recommend a way to connect metal to metal without a welder or solder?

- What's the white/green sauce they put on McDonald's Bagels, and any idea where I can get a recipe for it? I want to spread it on everything.

- Any idea why red is so difficult to tattoo with? I know with acrylic inks, it's easier, but red still won't stick to me correctly and no one has been able to figure out exactly why.

- Can someone tell me what the different colors of dremel bits mean? I have pink ones.. green ones.. brown ones.. and no idea how to tell what materials they are meant to be used on.

- I have an Audio/Video sync problem in Nero Vision. I've disabled and removed all of the plug-in support for Nero, slowed my encoding down to SP and EP mode and even tried burning at slower speeds with my DVD Burner. The source file syncs up great, but about 1 in 3 that I make with Nero into DVDs play with out of sync sound when their on DVD. Any ideas on that?

- What's in Jagermeister that makes it so tasty?

- Is there any way to trip an ATX power supply "on" without using a motherboard? Furthermore, is there a way I can wire a switch into it without pulling the case off that will allow me to trip the power on and off with a button? I ask as I'm building an external drive cage (see part one of this) and want to power the drives independently of the system. I know I can do this with the oldschool AT power supplies, but I have an ATX here I'm not using.

- What's your favorite BitTorrenting site, and why?

OK. I'm sure more will come to me, but these things in particular have been bothering me lately.
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