we feel lucky when we wake up (explain_things) wrote in thequestionclub,
we feel lucky when we wake up

bathroom scales!

1. Do you have a bathroom scale?
Yes, but it never works, so I've been using the giant old doctor-ish one we have in our spare room.

2. Where did you buy it?

3. Do you actually keep it in your bathroom?
No, I keep it in my bedroom either under my bed or in my closet.

4. I went in Walmart for the first time ever today and it was grosser than I expected. Anyway I went in because I had to pee, so after I peed I walked around and figured I would look at their bathroom scales because I need a new one. I couldn't find them anywhere. Do they even sell them? I looked everywhere. Where could they have been? I looked with bathroom stuff(towels, shower curtains, toilet seats, etc.) and health stuff, and basically everywhere else. I ended up giving up because I was going to Target anyway and figured I could get one there. Target didn't have them either! Where are these stores hiding them?! I bought my last one at Macy's so I figure I'll just go there and get a new one.
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