Predictably Unpredictable (argh4itchytasty) wrote in thequestionclub,
Predictably Unpredictable

Posting for a friend. The following text is copied and pasted from our IM conversation:

"Ok I'll try to explain this as best I can. My old HDD has a corrupt Windows/Boot sector [According to Dell] on there and because the HDD passed a Diagnostic I was told the data more than likely was not damaged and could be retreived if I had a 2nd HDD to install Windows on so I went and bought a new HDD. I am having a problem getting into the folder with my Username, I get this error. I'm pretty sure it's because I had set my Files and Folders to Private. I was told I could delete the Windows folder on that drive and it might remove the protection but I'm worried it may affect my data and I'm not looking to take an unsure route and lose my data."
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