Jillian (jelly_bean_847) wrote in thequestionclub,

SAT/SAT II dilemma

I'm a high school senior. I took the SAT I test in January 2006. I'm happy with my score but wouldn't mind raising it about 100 points. My two top-choice schools don't require any SAT II's but strongly recommend them. I was going to sign up for the October SAT II and November SAT but realized that the October date falls on a Jewish holiday. So my options are now:

-don't retake the SAT and take the SAT II in November
-stick with my original plan, even though I'll be breaking the holiday
-take the SAT II in November and the SAT in December

My only concern is that if I end up applying early decision to one of the schools, my scores won't make it in time and it will be a waste.

What should I do?
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